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Which Are the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Since the time that dry herb vaporizers

became popular, there’s a new vaporizer available to purchase almost every week. That’s exciting to know, but it can be a daunting task to choose the right one to fit in with your individual lifestyle.

And that is where VaporizeStar.com comes in. It’s the goal at VaporizeStar to help you in choosing the best portable vaporizers that are currently available by providing you with meaningful and constantly updated information about each product.

Because there are so many vaporizers, the experts at VaporizeStar have organized them into different categories, including how strong it is, how user-friendly, how portable, and the overall quality which is based on temperature, taste, thickness and smoothness. Because they have tried so many different vaporizers at VaporizeStar.com they have been able to list only the best of them into various categories including:

– Best overall vaporizer
– Most portable vaporizers
– Best vapor quality
– Most compact vaporizer
– Best dry herb vape pen
– Vaporizer with the best battery life
– Best portable weed vapes
– Best 3-in-1 vaporizer
– Best portable dry herb vaporizer available under $150
– Best portable vaporizers under $200

So that you can appropriately select the best vaporizer, it is important that you understand what it is that you already like and what your budget is.

Mighty Vaporizer

At VaporizeStar.com the Mighty vaporizer has been chosen because of its excellent battery life. It is manufactured by the same company that provides us with the very favorable and popular Crafty vaporizer.

While Mighty does not quite qualify as one of the best in terms of its size, the battery life is longer than any other vaporizer that is currently available. The battery can be fully charged within 90 minutes, after which, you can use it for an entire day without further recharging. You’ll be able to get, on average, between six and eight sessions from a single charge.

The Mighty has a pretty decent design, too. The LED shows you the levels of heat and you can regulate the temperature using buttons that are located on both sides. The temperatures range from 105F up to 410F.

While the Mighty is certainly not a portable version, the size along with the sturdy build mean that it is ideal for a group vape. However, it is not for those that have a strong preference for vaping on the go.

Pros of Mighty

Mighty has a terrific battery life and it’s also very easy to use. It provides a dense and flavorful vape and the piece is relatively durable. Furthermore, it is reliable and you can expect it to provide you with the exact same flavor each and every time.

Cons of Mighty

If you have a strong preference for portable vaporizers, then the Mighty is not going to fit in with your needs given that it will not fit inside your pocket. What’s more, it weighs more than many alternative vaporizers within this category, and it fails in the discreet department. Added to that, you can only charge the Mighty via a wall outlet and not a USB port.

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